Sunday, 2 October 2011


...I love you Amy Butler but this Blossom bag is killing me! I started this bag for September's Amy Butler's Style Stitches Sew Along with Bree but it's now October and it's still not finished!I've spent an inordinate amount of time on this bag, there's nothing wrong with the pattern, it's very definitely the maker! Firstly, I hate interfacing with a vengeance. I fell out with it when I was making The Cosmo bag and I still have not forgiven it. Now I also have a strong dislike for heavy stiffener! My unpicker has seen way too much action these past few days!!! Note to self: when the pattern tells you to pin the side panels in place on the curve, ignore it! Pinned side-panel needed unpicking 3 times and took the best part of 2 hours - unpinned side-panel took less than 5 minutes and was perfect first time....go figure!
I know what to do if I ever attempt this bag again but at the moment the likelihood of that happening is extremely slim!! I'm hoping to finish it up some time this week.
In other news, the second round of Brit Quilt Swap sign-ups are underway. I'm playing at swap mama again :) We're doing cushions this time round even though we are controversially calling it The Pillow Fight. Here's my inspiration mosaic.
I'm hoping for a more productive week once tomorrow is out the way. It's our wedding anniversary so hubby is home for the day and we're going to take the opportunity to pop out for lunch together :) Catch you soon x


  1. I spy a cheeky non-cushion in that mosaic! xxx
    Have a lovely anniversary and forget the bag for the day!

  2. I'm not ever making a bag again either!!! It's crazy hard!!!!!!

  3. Happy anniversary! Have a wonderful day! Not in the Brit swap this time, but looks like lots of fun! Maybe round 3 for me. Jxo

  4. well, the bag looks lovely and I love the material. hope you have a nice anniversary

  5. The bag looks great so far, definitely worth the fight! Happy anniversary!


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