Monday, 25 July 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Today I have mainly been angst-ing! In an attempt to do something spontaneous and fun for someone else, the postal service, has given me grey hair! I've sent a parcel overseas and tracked it only to be informed that not only has it been delivered but it's apparently coming back to me very soon as it's back in the UK. What????!!! I'm desperately hoping that it's a glitch in the tracking service and that the unsuspecting recipient will actually receive their surprise. Not sure how long I'll be able to wait to find out, I'm desperately trying not to break my cover ;) So, in order to distract myself today I thought I'd make a start on the Doll quilt for my DQS11 partner. A little bit of this:
and a little bit of that:
I have the Chicken Song going on in my head but it's not relevant at all to what I'm creating :)
I do hope my partner will like the direction that this is heading in, as the first half of this double-sided project is complete.
So now that's under way I'm back to angst-ing again! Oh well hopefully things will remedy themselves satisfactorily...fingers crossed. Oh, and I probably should have mentioned this at the start of the post but if you're looking for the giveaway it's here until Saturday :)


  1. Your mini-quilt in progress looks very fun! What a great use of a special AMH print. I hope your package notice was just a glitch, and that the package is still on it's way to your friend.

  2. Hope your parcel is going where its supposed to! Nice DQ but I do wish you hadnt put that song in my head... lol

  3. Like your DQ, rubbish tune tho, bet I sing it all day now.......

  4. Intriguing DQ! I wonder what you'll do next? Jxo

  5. Package arrived safe and sound! Yea!!!! I was soooo surprised. THANK YOU a million times over. You are just a total darling and so kind to send me such a wonderful surprise. I can't wait to do a post about my wonderful present!! It looks just smashing in its new home!

  6. Yay! Postal service all is forgiven :)


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