Friday, 15 July 2011

More nesting!

I had so much fun finishing off the nesting chairs cushion yesterday that I thought I'd like to do another one. I've gone for the pieced dresdens again but I've done them in a straight line this time instead of a circle :) Excuse my shadow...again! I sashed the dresdens with some solid orange then straight line quilted on the orange with a jade coloured thread.
I backed the cushion with the same jade linen I used yesterday. The finished cushion is about 6"x 20". Not very practical but pretty nonetheless :)
Here's a shot of the 2 nesting chairs cushions together. They won't have long together as this little fellow will be off to a new home very soon :)
Hope you all have a good weekend. Catch you again soon :)


  1. Loving that splash of mustard with the teal blue. A very practical shaped cushion too! Would make a fab draught excluder (though much too nice to have on the floor!). Jxo

  2. It's a back support cushion ;-) A bloomin lovely one at that!

  3. Don't think you can go far wrong with Laurie Wisbrun - very nice.

  4. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, This is a good working, creative and cool,,,

  5. They are soooo pretty! I'm so glad you had fun sewing with them :)


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