Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Playing with pretty things

I've had a little spare time in between swap deadlines to make things for fun. I dug out a Wonderland charm pack and got busy with the rotary cutter. I'm thinking that these will become part of my pay it forward goodies so I hope that the potential recipients like the look of these :)
I'm not sure what they will be yet but whether they end up stuffed or quilted I think the fabrics are so pretty I can't really go wrong. I'm waiting for some bits and pieces to arrive to carry on with these so in the mean time I have been playing with some other pretty fabrics to bring some colour to our dining room. A while ago now I saw this and fell in love! Today I started my own interpretation and I'm loving it :)
What I love about this table cloth is that it provides the opportunity to showcase some of those large scale prints that I love and am too scared to cut up. The top is more or less complete now. I'm going to add a fabulous jade coloured sash around the top. I'm only going to use some muslin to back it and lightly quilt it so that it's got a bit more stability to it. I originally thought I'd make it reversible but actually decided to make 2 instead so I can use one and wash one :)
If you look closely you will see Loulouthi by Anna Maria Horner, Prince Charming by Tula Pink and Love by Amy Butler. Happy dance underway :) Catch you again soon x


  1. I love the wonderland, especially that circle!
    You table cloth is going to be gorgeous!

  2. Wonderland blocks look fabulous - its my favourite line ever but I haven't cut into it yet! Looking forward to seeing what they become.

  3. These pieces are beautiful Renee. I'm like you when I get fabric with large scale prints I don't like to cut them up either I think I worry it will somehow stop them from being pretty.

  4. Gorgeous fabrics all round! Jxo


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