Thursday, 14 July 2011


Today Jess and I have been keeping an eye on some house guests of ours. I use the term "guest" loosely as they weren't actually invited. We have a new family of birds (possibly house martins) nesting under one of our roof tiles. We can see the parents flying in and out with food for their little ones who we can't see but can certainly hear!!!! Anyway this spot of ornithology led me to thinking about the nesting chairs circle I started in May. I've just taken delivery of some gorgeous linen in the exact shade of blue in the nesting chairs fabric and it was perfect to complete the cushion. So while Jess was nattering on the phone I finished the cushion :)
I've done my usual envelope closure but instead of a button-hole I added a ribbon tie to hook around the button.
Here's the obligatory shot of the completed cushion with its' new friends :)
It's getting very close to the stage where there will be no room on the sofa for people but that won't deter me from making more cushions!


  1. You're right - that is a gorgeous shade of blue, and it goes perfect!

  2. Your sofa looks very cosy! I wouldn't let people go spoiling those cushions by actually sitting on it!

  3. Cushion looks fab, sits in quite lovely with all the others :-)

  4. You can never have/make enough cushions! This is really lovely - that linen was perfect.

  5. Gorgeous colours in your wonderful cushion! Jxo


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