Sunday, 27 February 2011

Single Girl update

This weekend has been rather slow on the creative front but I have finally finished my practice block for the Single Girl Quilt. This block is going to become a rather large cushion but I will definitely revisit this pattern later in the year to make a quilt :)

This rather dodgy photo shows the finished pattern really well.

This equally dodgy photo shows the colours of the Soul Blossoms fabrics much more clearly. I must learn to take photographs properly!!


  1. Looking good!

    I'm still deciding on my background colour for the SG quilt I'm making!

  2. Thanks Justine :) My background is a very natural linen but from these dodgy photos it's looking a touch pink. When I get round to making the quilt I think the background will be grey on instruction from Jess :)

  3. This looks great - what a good idea to do a practice block first for a cushion. I know what you mean about photos - I am struggling to get good ones at the moment - I hope better weather will mean better photos.


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