Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Urban home goods swap progress

I decided to bite the bullet and complete the Dream on/Nicey jane quilt for my Urban Home Goods partner. I figured that even if it wasn't a specific favourite of my partner that she would at least appreciate the work involved and find it pretty anyway. I am rather reluctant to let it go but hope that it will bring a touch of spring to my partner's home.

As the fabrics are rather busy I opted for a simple straight line quilting design about a quarter inch from the edge inside each square and rectangle. It took a few hours but I love the way it looks and feels now. This picture doesn't really do it justice but this is how the back looks.

I love stripes and flowers together so I used a Nicey Jane stripe to bind the finished quilt.

It is my firm belief that patchwork and quilting is an extreme sport as I am forever injuring myself for 'my art'. Thankfully I noticed the gaping flap of skin on my thumb before it bled on the fabric!!! It has somewhat hampered my sewing today though :( Poor me, do you hear the violin playing?

Whilst letting the cut heal I have been tackling a rather important project that I really can't put off any longer for fear of alienating my teenage daughter. Eeek! Her birthday is Sunday and I'm hoping my online purchases will be here in time or else I shall be in the dog house!


  1. It looks lovely and if your partner doesn't want it I do!! :) As for the injury, we all know you could do yourself a mischief with a blunt spoon!! :) You don't have a dog house but I might be joining you in the rabbit house if my present doesn't turn up too. :)) Move over Holly and Benji!! :)

  2. There's no way they'd share with us! They are far too possessive of their space and you know Holly would see us off if we tried to move in :)

  3. Lovely quilt! I made a lap quilt for my Nan using Dream On, lush!

  4. Omg I thought it was just me who gets patchwork inflicted injuries!
    My husband caught me sewing with sellotape wrapped round my finger. When you have a sewing habit, you will make ways to continue through the pain! LOL

    Clare x

  5. Gorgeous quilt, I'd find it hard to let it go too..........craft related injuries go with the territory, at this moment I'm typing this very gingerly.........I have a huge bandage around my thumb after the scissors and I had a disagreement, (the scissors won).

  6. Thank you :) What gets me is how we manage to inflict these injuries upon ourselves time and again! We never learn. Until they invent chainmail patchwork/stitching gloves that you can still sew in I guess we're doomed to more injuries :) If they have invented the gloves already please let me know where!

  7. No, I don't think they've invented the gloves yet! Surely we clever and inventive ladies could come up with a solution! Anything to stop us bleeding on our carefully crafted masterpieces and the subsequent cussing!! :)


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